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        Some LINKS to other web sites which you might care to browse. These should take you directly to the site when clicked.
               If this doesn't happen please let the Editor know by using the Blog or by email through the editor's web site.

..... Main Quaker Information site for the UK. Britain Yearly Meeting.     A section highlighting An Introduction To Quakers Information Pack available. Main web site of Quaker Bolivia Link, a Joint UK/U.S action against poverty in Bolivia. .... Quaker Bolivia Link Recycling site where you can help QBL by forwarding used cartridges etc.. ........Dorset & S.Wilts Area meeting web site.
 Link to the Quaker College at Birmingham.  Access to an online course to learn more about Friends(Quakers). ..... Direct contact with the Quaker Quest dept. of the R.S. of Friends (Quaker). after your Meeting House courses from Soc. for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. tour of Long Sutton Meeting House interior. Needs                                                                                                                                              Quicktime download to operate. new web site for discovering more about Quaker worship and beliefs. 'Noggin The Nog' site. Oliver Postgate was a well loved Quaker! ...........Quaker House, Moscow. ......for quakers at their new meeting House in Salisbury, UK. Friends in Dorset and South Wilts. Friends in the East of Devon and West Dorset. Friends in North Somerset. The Leaveners, a community arts organisation for the Religious Society of Friends.  to find inspiration from past Quakers testimonies.  and  are two web sites which show Quaker Concern for the Environment. The Churches in Britain's answer to the need for overseas aid assistance.  for a guided evening walk around the historic town of Lyme Regis! Recommended!  is the Facebook page listed by Taunton Friends in the hope that your contact will help them in their planned improvements to their property.

 Links to contacts of AM and LM's within the Regional Gathering occur on the seperate pages listed.

 If anyone has any favourite web site you would like to see added to this file PLEASE let the editor know and it will be added asap.

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