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Bristol & Wessex Quakers recently held a Regional Gathering at Street Meeting House where the main item on the agenda was "The Future" of their usefulness and ongoing practices of holding educational and /or spiritual Gatherings in the Wessex area.

It was concluded that B&W RG still has a role to offer to Friends but that the organisation of such role needs to be brought up to date.

Friends attending liked the proposal from a Friend in Bristol, that the management of future Gatherings be left to the various Area Meetings.
Maintaining two Gatherings per year among six Area Meetings was thought not too onerous a task. This would mean that each AM will have the fun of setting up a suitable 'platform' once every three years.
The contents and agenda for such to be for each AM, in turn, to decide.

To this end the Minute for RG Nov 2013 reads as such ......

MIN 5.13 The future of this Regional Gathering

As very few Friends were present, suggestions, rather than decisions, were made, as follows:

A questionnaire should be drafted and circulated, with a deadline, to all Local and Area Meeting Clerks within our Regional Gathering.

Bristol Area Meeting's idea of responsibility for twice-yearly Regional Gatherings rotating amongst Area Meetings, so that each Area Meetings would run a Regional Gathering every three years seems wise. As 2014 is being devoted to the Britain Yearly Meeting Gathering in Bath in August, this new arrangement would start in 2015.

The date of each Regional Gathering would be set well in advance, to avoid conflict with other Quaker commitments.

Regional Gatherings could be summer gatherings, alternating with Britain Yearly Meeting Gatherings, and with practical activities for children as well as adults.

Many Friends within the present Regional Gathering area would greatly regret it being laid down, as we have much appreciated meeting up with Friends from outside our own Area Meetings and the enrichment of our Quaker lives.

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