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About Us

What we believe
Until they meet us, many people have some quite surprising views on Quakers. Some think that we live only in history, or on the backs of porridge packets, wearing rather strange clothes. Others believe that we’re quite impossibly strict, or even impossibly good!
In reality, we’re very much like the rest of the world. Those of us employed can be found in business, trade, the voluntary sector and the professions. Some of us smoke or drink. Others don’t. Some of us are vegetarians. Others aren’t. There are those amongst us who see their religion as very Christ centred. Others take quite a different view.
Having no set dogmas or creeds ourselves, we have always found it easy to tolerate a very wide range of views. As we have no formal priest-hood, we listen attentively for the word of God as expressed in the words of others.
What do we believe in? Most Quakers—or Friends as we are also called—believe :-
·There is that of God in everyone.
·That, in the quiet stillness of our Meetings for Worship, God’s presence can be found amongst us and that the divine will can be found by those who seek it.
Most of us also take the view that life is a continuing spiritual journey; that we are equally God’s children regardless of race, creed, sex, or sexuality; and that there’s more to religion than just setting aside an hour on Sunday.
These beliefs have led us to strive for a number of ideals which include:
·The equality of all human beings;
·Simplicity in our worship and way of life;
·Peace and justice;
·A sense of shared responsibility for our community.

The Meeting as a Community
Meeting for worship is not the only time that we meet together. There are social occasions– walks, concerts, summer camp and or various gatherings for special occasions.
Our regular Meetings for worship for business are held both at local level and at area level. These are usually held monthly or bi-monthly and are our way of running our organisation efficiently.
We have our own form for weddings and to give thanks for the lives of those of us who have died.
All Meetings for whatever purpose are held in a worshipping attitude. This assists in folks being heard, not talking over each other, and giving sufficient thought to what has been put before them. We do not seek a consensus. We hope that the clerk or clerks of the Meeting will reflect the will of God with the minute put to the Meeting, before the next business is heard.
The main reason for our Meeting is to support one another in whatever way is appropriate.
This stems from early days of our organisation, when it was vital to give help to those persecuted for their beliefs and to those families of Friends suffering from the traumas of the time.
We do occasionally need to support some Friends in this way even today!

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